Not Your Average Hoodie

15JUL_W_B04_088The mesmerizing motorcycle. The thrill of zipping through streets… the leather jacket and shiny helmets… the patches and graphics… the loud noises! Whenever we see someone riding a motorcycle, we revert back to that child-like state and the same rush of excitement gets us every time.

F15_TripPic_MH_ 137All throughout Argentina and Bolivia, on city streets and quiet rural towns, we found motorcycles. Many zooming past us and others propped up waiting for their owners to come back and retrieve them. South American motorcycles are just as intricate as local clothing, full of color and intricate design. We couldn’t help but be amazed by the detail adorning the sides of the bikes.


We knew we had to design something to spark the thrill of a motorcycle. Inspired by the designs we saw on the bikes in Argentina, the Tiburón Graphic Zip Hoodie and Rayo Graphic Zip Hoodie were created. Throw one on and grab your bike (bicycle that is) to hit the streets — it’s time to explore!

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