Our Rambles on Las Ramblas

It’s been almost a year since our design team went on the Inspiration Trip to Catalonia, Spain. We spent much of our time in Barcelona taking in the food, architecture, art and people. Like many visitors, we found our way to Las Ramblas, which winds its way from Plaça de Catalunya (Barcelona’s unofficial city center) to Port Vell on the waterfront. It’s filled with trees and beautiful modernisme and Baroque architecture like Palau Moja and La Boqueria (Barcelona’s colorful food market). We wanted to share just a few photos from our trip:


Street View

The winding path of Las Ramblas reminds me a little of Lombard St. here in SF


Miro art in the plaza



Miro art in the plaza

Crazy Serpent Sculputure/Light fixture

Crazy serpent sculpture doubles as light fixture

Inspiration for our Modern Graphic Tee

Inspiration for our Modern Tee

Our head designer, Laura Boes is on her way back from her Inspiration Trip for Fall 2012 (if you can believe it). I’m hoping she’ll share a little bit more about her Las Ramblas rambles when she returns. And don’t forget to spring forward and turn your clocks ahead one hour. We’ll see you next week out and about enjoying the extra hour of daylight. Cheers!

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