Our Newest Graphic Tees Inspired By Patagonia


Our newest baby boy graphic tee styles are inspired by the animals and landscapes we saw on our trip to the Southern most tip of South America. We took a road trip through the Andes mountains and ended in Patagonia, a land of magnificent views and glaciers. We saw guanacos (the cousin of the llama), condors, beautiful sunsets and glaciers galore. We came back so inspired by all we had seen and we think it really plays out in our graphics. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind our adorably cool graphic tees for our littlest citizens.


Our Ushuaia Graphic Tee, is gathers the marine life that frequent the shores and waters of Patagonia. If you’re lucky, you can catch a whale slapping its flukes on the surface of the water off the coast of Argentine Patagonia. Magellanic penguins huddle near the rocky edges of the coast and dive into the icy waters to grab a bite to eat. Sea lions laze about on rocks, sunbathing to stay warm.

Ushuaia Graphic Tee


We were lucky enough to be able to take a boat ride out to see the glacier up close. Above is a picture of our team getting ready to board the boat and take off. These icy waters are home to many different types of marine life.

Estancia Graphic Tee

Our Patagonian Estancia Graphic Tee is inspired by the Estancia 25 de Mayo, a ranch just outside of El Calafate in Patagonia, where we toured the steppe, or grasslands, and saw wild herds of guanaco. In the graphic, you can see our little jeep climbing the mountains and the guanacos grazing in the fields of the steppe.


On our trip to the steppe, we drove along a small path through the hills and fields, on the lookout for quail, chilla (or mountain foxes), guanacos and condors flying overhead.

Las Amigas Llamas Graphic tee

Our Las Amigas Llamas Graphic Tee is inspired by just what you think… llamas and guanacos! Llamas and guanacos (a cousin of the llama) live in the mountains and plains throughout Argentina and Bolivia. On our trip through the Patagonian steppe we stumbled upon a herd of guanacos!


Zorro de Montaña Graphic Tee


Our Zorro de Montaña Graphic Tee is inspired by the mountain foxes that can be found in the Patagonian steppe. These mountain foxes are small and gray in color. They roam the steppe in search of berries, small birds and reptiles.


Inside the body of our mountain fox graphic, you see the photo real print of the Perito Moreno Glacier. That means the picture on your shirt is a picture that was taken on our trip! The glacier is a massive ice formation (97 square miles) that is continuously growing above the surface of Argentino Lake. Its size and mass is absolutely incredible… and those colors!

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