A Taste of Aloha: Polynesian Inspired Prints

Polynesian Prints

Tourists from all over the world are drawn to the Hawaiian Islands for their paradise charm. And while the surreal white-sand beaches, lush jungles and mesmerizing sunsets make for an incredibly relaxing escape, there’s so much fascinating culture to experience as well.

Hawaii’s rich native culture has its origins in the Polynesians who, over 1,000 years ago, voyaged from the Marquesas Islands in handmade canoes. Today, Polynesian influence can be seen everywhere from art and dance, to traditional delicacies. See how some of these traditions made their way onto our latest designs.

Traditional Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

Beautiful indigenous art can be found all over Hawaii, one of the most iconic art forms being the traditional Hawaiian quilt. Quilt making has been a long-standing tradition among Hawaiian women, who first learned the art of quilting from missionaries back in 1820. While early quilt designs were made by piecing together scraps of fabric in a patchwork fashion, the traditional Hawaiian quilts we know today are made using an appliqué technique on solid cloth.

Much like we make paper snowflakes, women would fold the cloth several times before cutting out small shapes, resulting in a mirrored symmetrical motif that was then appliquéd. When designing these beautiful works of art, they drew much of their inspiration from the natural beauty of the islands, using curved lines and plant like motifs to create intricate, organic compositions.

Hawaiian Tie Shoulder Dress

One of our in-house designers who happens to be from the islands, used the same technique when designing the Hawaiian quilt inspired print seen on our Tie Shoulder Dress.

Swimming with style, our  Sea Turtle Graphic Tee and Romper for baby were also inspired by the beautiful geometrics seen in Polynesian quilts and authentic koa wood carvings.

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