Ralli Quilts to Ralli Bikes


Literally translated ralli means to mix or connect… and that’s exactly what ralli quilts do in many different ways. Made from scraps of fabric (usually cotton), ralli’s are an expression of the makers behind them. You’ll find these quilts in three basic styles: 1) patchwork made from pieces of torn cloth squares and triangle stitched together 2) appliqué made from intricate cute out patterns 3) embroidered quilts where the stitches form patterns on solid colored fabrics. No matter the style, you’ll always notice the bold diagonal placements of blocks and embellishments.

Ralli Quilts

If you’re familiar with Tea, you know we’re fond of bike graphics. Bikes are used as a major mode of transportation in many parts of the world and we love putting a new spin on each destination’s graphic!

Ralli Bike Tee

This particular bike was inspired by the geometric shapes of ralli quilts from Gujarat, a state in western India.

Interested in purchasing an authentic ralli blanket like those pictured above? Check out Ralli Quilts, where you can find traditional pieces made by women in the areas of Sindh, Pakistan, western India and surrounding areas.