Cultural Connections: Tigers

1st row: early Tea design, traditional Chinese paper cut tiger

2nd row: Tea’s design, Japan Fall 2009, “Tiger Mask” Japanese anime character

3rd row: Tea’s design, Korea Spring 2010, Korean tiger stamp

4th row: Tea’s design, Old World Hungary Fall 2010, lion from Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest

5th row: Tea’s Design, Barcelona Spring 2011, Barcelona street art

6th row: Tea’s design, Modern Mexico Fall 2011, Mexican jaguar

I can’t believe that I am designing my 8th season at Tea!  Time flies when you’re having fun! The more seasons I design, the more connections I see through the different cultures we’ve visited for inspiration. One obvious connection is the importance of tigers. Some cultures may not specifically celebrate tigers, but every country we have visited has some large cat that is important to their identity. I find it so interesting to see the differences and similarities in the ways foreign civilizations celebrate the same subjects.

Be sure to check out our tiger pinboard on pinterest, showing tigers interpreted by artists from all over the world.

learn more about Barcelona Tiger, Old World Hungary Lion, Modern Mexico Jaguar

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9 years ago

It certainly does! (Also, I wish I could go back and edit my misspelling of family’s … grrr)

I just discovered this blog. I’m looking forward to more posts!

9 years ago

Hi Raina! Our clothing seems to suit your family’s cultural flair! Thanks for reading!

9 years ago

I love these! Also, I should mention that your clothing as well as the Mexican coloring book that we got with our last order has worked well with our families cultural studies!
Check them out if you’d like (The kids are both wearing Tea Collection for our Mexican Fiesta!)