Inside Studio T: The Pond

Every Friday we share a weekly behind-the-scenes photo taken in our offices at Tea. This could be anything – great employee outfits, our sources of inspiration, shots from our parties, or photos of us hard at work. For more sneak peeks behind the scenes at Tea click here.

We have two offices at Tea, right across the street from one other. Our home base is located at 1 Arkansas Street, where we do all our thinking, designing, marketing, merchandising, and customer care. The second, affectionately called “T2”, is used for big meetings, hosting fun events for retailers or bloggers, and photo shoots. We love that T2 is in a building that mainly caters to architects, as it includes a huge landscaped courtyard garden. And in that garden? This pond, filled with goldfish. I love walking by it when commuting from office to office. Wouldn’t you?

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