Every day is Earth Day


We want to give kids the world, to help them discover that no matter where we live or what language we speak, there is so much we all have in common. As we travel, both around the world and in our own town, we keep our eyes—and our hearts—wide open. This season, we traveled to Australia, a wild and wonderful country filled with incredible people and natural beauty. We explored the land, from the cities to the vast outback. We observed animals in their natural habitat, walked through some of the oldest rainforests on the Earth and had a chance to view the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. We also had a chance to meet Jess Cramp, National Geographic Explorer and conservationist. She helped us learn the importance of guiding children to care about the Earth and their environment.

This Earth Day, we recognize the important work many of our world’s explorers and conservationist are accomplishing every, single, day. Talk to your kids about their surroundings. Teach them about this world that will one day be all theirs. Help them understand that no matter where you live, everyone can have an impact on protecting our environment.

Learn more about Jess Cramp and her work to save our sharks. Head on over to our post on protecting our environment to learn what you can do, right at home, to make a difference.

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