June’s Give Back Grantee: Masoom

Masoom 3_Credit MasoomThis season, Tea is partnering with The Global Fund for Children to give back to their grantees all around the world. This month, we’re featuring Masoom in Mumbai, India. Learn more about this wonderful organization below.

In the state of Maharashtra, India there are approximately 40,000 students attending night schools to gain an education. During a time of economic growth for the country, these numbers continue to grow. Unfortunately, the government has placed little priority on improving the quality and infrastructure of these schools to help students succeed. While many students are on the path to success, a mere 3 percent of students leave school adequately prepared for good jobs.

This is where the organization Masoom is stepping in. Masoom is the first organization dedicated to improving educational standards in Maharashtra’s night schools. Its transformative model works in three core areas. First, they provide each night school with educational materials and programs that improve the curriculum and meet the students’ needs—from textbooks and mobile science labs to sports activities and nutritional supplements. Next, teachers attend workshops to build their skills, while students receive career counseling and vocational training to help them launch their careers. Finally, Masoom actively advocates for this often forgotten population of youth, encouraging the government to take more responsibility for the night schools.

Masoom 2_Credit Masoom

Just seven years ago, Masoom was a tiny organization that served 200 youth.  Now, internationally recognized for its innovative education model, Masoom reaches thousands of students at more than 50 night schools across the state. In 2015, seventy-six percent of students passed their tenth-grade standard board exam, compared with an average of less than 30 percent at most night schools.

Masoom’s success is the rewarding result of the effort of their community, their dedication and the aid of the Global Fund for Children. Here at Tea, we’re excited to be giving back to Masoom.  Don’t forget, when you make a purchase this at TeaCollection.com this month, consider adding a donation with Masoom in mind. Even a little bit will go a long way!

All photos courtesy of Masoom.

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