Meet Cash | 2017 Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

Meet Cash from Marshall, Minnesota. He may only be 7 years old, but young Cash is quite the little entrepreneur. On a mission to help critically ill kids and their families get access to the medical services and support they need, Cash has been passionately raising money for the Ronald McDonald House since before he could walk through his service project, Cash’s Cans.

Cash Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

What do cans have to do with helping children in need? We asked Cash’s family, and they let us in on the whole story…

How did the idea for Cash’s Cans come about?

Cash had an extensive hospitalization including multiple surgeries as an infant. The Ronald McDonald House, Upper Midwest provided a warm and comfortable stay for us during this difficult time. For his 1st birthday party, we asked guests to bring pop tabs (which the Ronald McDonald House collects and turns in to generate revenue for their programs) and wish list items for the Ronald McDonald House in lieu of gifts. Following that outpouring of support, Cash’s Cans was born!

For those who aren’t familiar with the organization, the Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for families to be together during a health crisis. This includes a warm place to stay and rest, a place to do laundry, a home-cooked meal, etc.

His mom recalls just how supportive they were during the family’s time of need…

When Cash was critically ill we were 3 hours from home. The Ronald McDonald House literally became our new home for three months – a safe place, with compassionate caring staff there to support us while we cared for Cash.

Ever since, Cash and his family have continued to show their deep appreciation for the Ronald McDonald House through the form of donations. Cash himself holds annual wish list drives (typically on or around his birthday) and collects pop tabs year round. He also distributes small pop tab collection houses to encourage others to save pop tabs.

Cash Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

By our calculations, Cash has collected over 6 million pop tabs! Does Cash partner with schools or restaurants to collect pop tabs?
Cash has collected and donated 4,690 pounds of pop tabs or approximately 5, 590, 480 (we stand corrected) individual tabs. Pop tabs come from a variety of places that partner with us including several area schools, businesses and organizations. Cash’s Cans Facebook page has also helped get the word out. Cash has collected pop tabs from almost every state – often pop tabs are anonymously dropped off at our door or mailed to our house. His project has also inspired lots of his friends to save. 

How has Cash’s Cans made a difference in your lives?
Cash’s Cans has provided a simple, yet impactful way to give back, assist families with sick children and encourage others (no matter their age) to help others.

It’s clear to us that Cash loves helping others, so we asked him what he loves most about the work he’s doing and what it’s taught him…
It feels good to save pop tabs and help people and sick kids. Even kids can help others. More people should do what they can to help those in need.

With Tea’s contribution, Cash plans to continue his contributions to the Ronald McDonald House, Upper Midwest. Head to and shop through August 3rd to help him reach his goal!

Cash Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

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