Konnichiwa, Japan!

Tea travels the world. We truly go there. We travel to discover. To dream. To explore the wonder of the world around us, across the globe and across the street. Since 2002, we’ve traveled, always inspired by the people we meet and the places we see. Wherever we go, from Bali to Norway, West Africa to Morocco, we take in all we can and bring it back to our home base in San Francisco to design globally-inspired clothing for your little citizen. The world is woven into every thread of Tea, with each collection featuring a new destination we’ve traveled to. This fall, we’re excited to announce that we’re off to Japan!It’s no secret that Tea is a little bit obsessed with Japan. The clean design aesthetic, the indigo shibori, the cherry blossoms, the vintage kimonos-we are endlessly and profoundly inspired by everything this beautiful and fascinating country has to offer. Japan inspired our very first designs as well as our 2009 Fall/Winter collection. This season we return to some of our favorite places and seek out adventure in cities we’ve never ventured to before. We can’t wait to share all that’s in store for you this season. We always love scrolling through our design team’s trip pictures. Here are a few of their photos from Japan… Head on over to TeaCollection.com get even more inspiration!

Follow along on our travels with the #WeGoThereJapan on Instagram!

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Rachel K
Rachel K
5 years ago

So glad to see that the Fall Collection is going to be Japan. My daughter and I just traveled there a few weeks ago. We didn’t make it to Fushimi Inari or Jigokudani onsen, though we did see monkeys on Iwatayama in Kyoto and we both loved Ninnan-ji in Kyoto as well.