Tea Bikes to Work in Style




Summer hits San Francisco later than the rest of the country, and yesterday was the first work day that temperatures reached above 90 degrees! After months of fog the sunshine is very welcome, and eight of us rode our bikes to work instead of driving or taking the bus. At Tea we support Spare the Air and all do our best to live a green, healthy lifestyle. These ladies prove you don’t need to compromise your fashion sense to bike to work!

from left – 

Sandra (Tea’s Resident Data Geek, aspiring archer)

Lisa (Tea Brand Steward, Pizza-Partial yogi)

Anaal (Tea Social Media Guru, budding crafting entrepreneur, lover of Vanilla Bean (my bike))

Nuala (Tea Customer Care Extraordinaire, Personal Stylist, Blog Writer, Bicycle Fanatic)

Laura B (Design guru and America’s favorite dancer)

Laura L (Product Dev. Maven, Treasure seeker & Tea beauty advisor)

Isabelle (Clothematician, Kale enthusiast)

Letty (Tea CPSIA and Testing compliance, Collector of curiosities and cat paraphernalia)

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Kristi Lambrecht
Kristi Lambrecht
11 years ago

you are all awesome and have lots of energy.