DIY Dip Dye


Our Atlantic Plaid Shirtdress from our Citizen Blue collection features an indigo dip dye that is inspired by the blues of the Atlantic Ocean. Along with many other dying techniques, dip dye has been around for many centuries. Dip dying is a relatively simple technique and creates a unique design that can be layered on top of prints and on a variety of silhouettes. It is a great way to give a stained dress or shirt a new life. Read on to learn how you can do it at home!

-Piece of clothing or fabric
-Fabric Dye, we suggest Dylon or Rit
-Large pot or bucket
-Clothing rack or somewhere to hang
-Newspaper or towels to protect surfaces
-Sink for rinsing

-Prepare you fabric by washing it to remove any chemicals that might interfere with the dye, you can leave the fabric damp. Fabric dye sets easiest on cotton. Use a clip hanger to hold the fabric as you dip it. Surround your work space with newspaper to prevent from splatters. Set your pot on the floor and fill it with hot water, at least 6 inches. Stir in the dye, starting with a small amount. Do a test with a strip of fabric to test the color. Either add more dye if it is too light or add water if it is too dark.

Lower the fabric into the pot of water until it hits the bottom of the pot, letting it sit in the pot for 2 minutes, lifting up periodically to check the color. In order to create a gradient style pattern, lift the fabric a few inches up, so that the bottom of the fabric is still in the pot. Leave it in for another 2 minutes, which will create a darker color on the bottom. You can do this again, lifting up the fabric and creating another even darker layer, if you’d like. When you are done, hang the fabric outside to dry, at least overnight or for 24 hours. Before you wear it or use your newly dyed fabric, make sure to hand wash your piece in cold water!