Meet Jack | 2018 Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Jack

Meet Jack, our Inspiring Little Citizen from Glenmoore, Pennsylvania. Jack is a tender-hearted boy who is constantly thinking of others and putting other kids first. He is quick to tune into emotions, readily helping to cheer up his classmates when they are feeling sad, lonely, or are just in need of a pal. His friends can attest, when you’re feeling glum, you can always count on Jack to be ready with a smile, and an action plan to make you feel better!

A fun fact about Jack is that he has always loved horses and feels very comforted by them. From a very young age, he would ask to be near them—his face would light up with excitement while feeding them carrots or watching them graze. For the past two summers, Jack went to horseback camp at Stone Crop Farm where he learned about Horse Power for Life, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping cancer patients and survivors of all ages improve their physical and emotional well-being through free, education and therapeutic horsemanship programs.

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Jack

Last summer, he attended a birthday party for a friend who, instead of asking for gifts, wished for donations to the organization. Jack was so inspired that he saved $100 of his own money to donate to Horse Power for Life.

Read on to learn more about Jack and his hopes of supporting this great organization.

Tell us a bit about yourself… 
I am six years old and will be attending first grade in the Fall. I love playing outside and have a big brother, sister and a very big dog.

How did you get involved in helping others?
I started in my Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms. My teachers noticed how I had a very strong sense of empathy. My big brother has also set a good example for me, and it’s helped me realize we’re all a part of a very big world where others need to feel support, love and kindness.

How does helping others make you feel?
Making others happy makes me feel so happy inside!

What do you hope the donation from Tea will accomplish?
I really hope to help kids and families with cancer.

What do you want to do next? Do you have any big plans or ideas to make your community a better place?
Horse Power for Life is truly unique in that it gives families, and their loved ones suffering from cancer, a chance to forget about the disease by connecting with horses and having fun.

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Jack

Head to and shop through August 5th to help support Jack in his efforts to raise money for Horse Power for Life!

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Mrs. Karen Brunstetter
Mrs. Karen Brunstetter
3 years ago

I am so happy that Jack has been chosen as an Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist! I am one of his teachers and I can attest to his concern and empathy for others. He and I both share a love of horses. What a great opportunity to share the good things even our youngest citizens are accomplishing for others in our world. I am so proud to be Jack’s teacher!