What is the Moon Valley?


If you drive a short distance south from downtown La Paz, you will find an area of eroded rock formations that look a lot like a small Grand Canyon… or the moon. Welcome to Valle de la Luna!

Valle de la Luna is a vast canyon, situated a mere 6 miles from La Paz. Looking out over the canyon, you will see a hillside maze of canyons and pinnacles, the sharp remains of mountains that have been eroded by centuries of wind and weather. Like many other mountains surrounding La Paz, the formations contain many different minerals, which create the different colors you see in the rock, from sandy brown to red and even a dark purple, it’s a sight to be seen! Built into the maze of rocks, you’ll find many walking trails. If you’re lucky, you might even stumble past a chinchilla running by.
F15_TripPic_MH_ 3576

When we ventured to Valle de la Luna, we were blown away by its beauty. It truly lives up to the allure of its name. While you might not necessarily feel like you are walking on the moon (because of the glaring sun) the otherworldly feel of the rock transports you to another place. We explored the trails, walking up and down the built in steps. We stumbled upon cacti and flowers. The tall spires jutted out of the landscape like skyscrapers. It was all very magical.

We named our Moon Valley Graphic dress after Valle de la Luna. In the graphic you can see the geometric design that was inspired by the rocky terrain. Do you have any mountains or rock formations in your town? Share your stories with us at blog@teacollection.com!

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