Go On A Yama Adventure!


We love outdoor adventures. Whether you’re exploring a new city or going on a hike in your hometown, there is so much to explore and discover! Our newest arrivals are inspired by yama (mountain) style. We took a group of little citizens on an adventure to Mount Takao to shoot our catalog. Our new friends and Tea models enjoyed playing in the leaves, finding unique bugs, rocks and sticks. You’ll find some of their found treasures throughout our catalog.

We hope this collection sparks curiosity and wonder. Help us by encouraging your little citizens to get outside to create their own adventure. What’s near your house? Maybe a mountain, a meadow, a forest or just a creek? Take a hike and see what fun things you can find along the way. When you come home, print out our yama adventure coloring sheet. Draw pictures of what you found outside, or color in some things we have drawn for you, inspired by our hike on Mount Takao. Make sure to share your drawings with us on Instagram, using the #teacollection. We can’t wait to see what they find!



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