The Art of Kantha Embroidery

kantha quilt

Kantha is a type of Bengali embroidered quilt. The kantha quilts of Bengal are created from fragments of old family garments layered on top of each other. Each kantha tells a story through technique, design and patterns. Women’s voices are heard through the mends, patches and stitches in this living tradition. 


The kantha stitch is often referred to as a “running stitch’ and it gives the wavy, textured quality. It’s the most popular form of embroidery practiced by rural women. They work together to create these intricate pieces, some of which take years to complete!

During our time in India, we were able to sit with a group of kantha experts to see first hand just how it’s done. Stitching came second nature to these women, as it’s a craft passed down from generation to generation. They were happy to share their techniques and let us try a few stitches. These women were the main inspiration behind the first delivery of our India collection — we’ve fondly named it the Stitch Society.

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